We love our clients!

  • Big shout out to Jordan who did a re inspection for a buyer. Great job! It’s well worth the money to have the repairs checked out by a professional. Ryan and Jordan make a great team. Highly recommend. - Cynthia M.

  •  Whether buying new or resale, I always strongly recommend to my clients that they have a home inspection by a professional. My latest buyers are purchasing a home that is only 14 months old... and guess what? Ryan found several issues that the builder didn't do properly, or weren't done at all. A well written report, by a professional that knows what he is looking at, makes it easy to negotiate repairs, before they become a real problem. You can trust Ryan to do a great job. Myself and my clients sure do! - Michelle P.

  •   Very professional and incredibly thorough. Ryan was great to work and I felt extremely comfortable with his work after the inspection. He provided a detailed summary and carefully walked us through his findings after the inspection. Would strongly recommend Big Brother inspections to anyone purchasing a new home! - Jake K.

  •  We've worked with Ryan for several years now. We along with our clients are always pleased with Ryan's professionalism and the quality of his work. His attention to detail and thoroughness gives our clients peace of mind when purchasing a home. We're happy to recommend him. - Kevin & Debra H. 

  •  Jordan from Big Brother Inspections completed our builder warranty inspection.  Scheduling was easy, and both Jordan and Ryan were very responsive in all communications.  Their fees were straightforward and reasonable.  Jordan took particular care to keep the home clean and orderly during the inspection process (i.e. accessed attic through garage, took shoe covers on and off when he entered and exited the home, etc.).  He was very thorough and took the time to answer all of our questions.  Reports were delivered to us a few hours after the inspection and are very thorough, easy to read and include many explanatory photos.  We'd definitely recommend Big Brother Inspections after our recent experience.  - Heather M.

  •  I have used several inspection companies in my 15 years as a Realtor.  Ryan and Jordan of Big Brother Inspections blow every other company I have dealt with out of the water.  They are prompt, courteous, but most of all, thorough!  They take the time to explain everything to me and my clients.  They go above and beyond every time, using state of the art technology and get the inspection results back very quickly.  Call them for your next inspection, you will not be dissapointed! - Tina R.

  •  Ryan was extremely thorough. he went through every item where they may have been an issue or concern. his report was very detailed along with supporting pictures. We felt very comfortable moving ahead with our purchased after talking with and reviewing Ryan's report. -Redfin client.

  •  Very detailed report. Made us confident we were making the right decision in home and what we were walking into. -Redfin client.